We are the difference between
a good time and a great time!

People often ask, “Why 430?” It’s because we cater 4 - 30 people.

Limousine Bus 430 has been in operation for 6 years and definitely upholds to the reputation as “Perth’s Party King of the Streets!”

It is the ultimate experience when it comes to party bus hire in Perth, from the moment you step onto the bus. With the best sound system money can buy, laser and disco lighting to set the party mood, comfortable side way seating for a more social party and room to dance.

limo bus 430 is the first and only shisha bus IN THE WORLD we have four electronic E-shishas with yummy  non-nicotine flavours, these are optional to have on the bus. when you enter an exit the bus you walk between two hudge amazing water feature bubble walls, it has two dancing poles & handrails, 9 music video screens, great aircondtioning You can bring along your own music. it even has a toilet on board

Limousine Bus 430 is just like a night club on wheels. Our passion is making sure you and your guests have an amazing time and we are here to help plan your day or night weather its a wine and brewery tour or a hens party or a bucks party or maybe you and your friends would like to go on one of our awesome Pub crawls

We know all of Perth’s best places to visit; Limousine Bus 430 is definitely the difference between a good time and a great time!


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Amazing sound & lazer lights

Fog machine

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Two bubble wall water features

Shishas with yummy flavours


Air conditioning

On-board toilet


Two dancing poles

Custom sideways seating

Nine music video screens

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